Pony Rides

Hey Kids! Become a PONY PUNCHER PAL!

mariana-blud_mbponyparty1[1]How do you picture a pony ride?  Is it plopping a kid up in the saddle and watching them ride around and around and around and around? That can get pretty boring, even for the pony! We hand lead our gentle ponies, but not in circles!

Roze-El is proud to offer a unique pony riding experience for all our little pony riders.  It’s called our Pony Puncher Pal Program, but before we explain how it works, here’s a bit on what happens during our fun rides.

“What’s that horse’s name?”….”Oh, look at the goats!” (yes, the kids can visit them after their ride)….”Why is that pony laying down?”….”Do ponies have teeth?”…”Be careful! Don’t let the horsey step on that chicken!”….”Can we ride down that trail?” (of course the answer is YES!) “What was that NOISE?” (Nano donkey brays a lot).  “Look! I’m so high I can touch the leaves on the tree!” (or, as the case in this picture,  the giant sunflower!) Not quite sure what made him think of this, but one little guy once asked, “What are BRAINS made of?”  Such are the fun conversations with the kids as we ride all around our 8 acres.  Often times, moms and dads like to walk along with us.  It’s great family time and a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know your child and you.

Rides are charged in 15-minute increments up to 1 hour.

Up to 15 minutes – $15

15 – 30 minutes – $20Pony Puncher Pal Card

30 – 45 minutes – $25

45 minutes – 1 hour – $30

That’sease not all!  Pony Puncher Pals can use their card ANY time they ride our ponies, including family event rides (1 punch for each paid pony ride) and birthday party rides (1 punch per party).

Rides available Thursday through Sunday

Please call 206-850-2863 to reserve a ride time

4 Responses to Pony Rides

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  2. Amanda says:

    Hi my daughter is turning 8 on the 20th of March, I think pony/ horse ride would be an amazing gift for her. She has ways wanted to ride a horse. Is 8 too big to ride a pony? She is about 65-70lbs. If not too big , do you have gift certificates so she has something to open and read it, and how much for a 30 minute ride or 1 hour . Thank you

  3. Brittany Gordon says:

    Hi! How young of kids do you take on pony rides? My 2.5 year old is OBSESSED with horses and ponies. She has sat on a horse before but it was way too big for her to get her legs around, so we didn’t walk the horse around at all. She is always asking me if she can ride a horse thkugh. She is very tall for her age, probably almost 36 inches. Thank you!

    • Hi Brittany! We have lots of little riders and would love to have your daughter ride one of our ponies 🙂 Just give us a call, and we’ll set her up for a ride. Call or text 206-850-2863. Thank you!

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