Pony Parties

We would first like to thank all the wonderful families who chose Roze-El Stables to celebrate their children’s special day! Pony parties were always a fun and special time for us, and it was always a pleasure serving you.

Sometimes we have to make hard decisions, and this is one of them. COVID interrupted our parties, but over the months other factors have come into play. After much soul searching and considering all that would be involved in restoring our pony parties, we have chosen to discontinue this service. Sadly, ponies become old or become ill, and we have lost several of our equine partners in recent months. Sherry’s semi-retirement and the loss of key personnel who have moved on to pursue their careers are other contributing reasons for our decision.

We’re going to miss doing the parties, but it’s not all bad news! If your little wants a pony ride for their birthday, we would be glad to make their wish come true! (Please, single families only. Siblings welcome!)

4 Responses to Pony Parties

  1. Diesha says:

    How much for a simple birthday party with just a few children? 10 or less little 5 yr old girl

    • Thank you for contacting us regarding our pony parties. We do lot of them and have a great time!

      Our “bare bones” birthday parties include 1 hour of riding on decorated ponies. Each guest gets a souvenir. These parties do not include the use of a party area for cake, etc. – it’s pony rides only.

      1 pony (1-4 children): $65 + $5 for each riding guest
      2 ponies (5-10 children): $110 + $5 for each riding guest
      3 ponies (10 or more children): $160 + $5 for each riding guest

      We hope that we can be of service. Please call if you have further questions.

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