In loving memory of my dear parents, Rozella & Elmer


Mom and Daddy,

Roze-El Stables is named and dedicated in memory of you and

the wonderful carefree years of my Montana childhood.

You provided me with a life that to some is only a storybook fantasy.

My prayer is that this farm will allow my family to experience

the same happiness I knew as your child . . .

 Lying in the clover on warm summer days watching the

hummingbirds float about the hollyhocks;

Wading in the little creek that trickled through the pasture;

 Imagining the thrill of horse racing as I rocked wildly on the

rocking horse Daddy made for me;

Picnics by the creek with Mom –

savoring sandwiches made from her freshly baked bread;

Mom teaching me to love the wildflowers, and gently gathering

small bouquets of buttercups & shootingstars from the nearby woods;

Happily nestling in the specially built box attached next to Daddy’s seat

on the old Farmall, often falling asleep to the red tractor’s noisy drone;

Waiting anxiously to get a glimpse of the bluebirds

when it was time for them to return to their house perched atop the fencepost;

Welcoming all those new spring babies lying snuggled in their fresh straw beds –

lambs, piglets, kittens, chicks, and my favorite, the calves;

Sitting on the feed box, watching Daddy milk “Yudy” (Swedish for “Judy”)  

and squealing with delight when he pointed the “milk supply” at the

barn kitties, who were experts at catching the airborne milk stream . . .

And the pleasantries of my youth go on and on, but perhaps my most

treasured moments are those I spent riding, grooming, and just loving

ol’ Queen, the only babysitter I ever knew.

Mom and Daddy, I love you and I miss you.

Queen & Sherry in 1954

Queen & Sherry in 1954

4 Responses to HOW WE GOT OUR NAME

  1. tere bystrom says:

    This such a special thing to share, you have such flare in your writing and to know it as memories must be lovely. What a beautiful picture and such a blessed childhood to live in such a wonderful environment.

  2. Vonnie Pratt says:

    Makes me teary-eyed…thanks for sharing such sweet memories, dear friend. And thanks for your wonderful, peaceful stables. I appreciate your love of home, the Lord, and family.

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