School Horses available – gentle and well trained

We offer PRIVATE Lessons Only – Starting at Age 3!

24-hour cancellation notice required; otherwise, the lesson will be charged in full.

Single Lesson

$60 – your horse + $10 Haul-In fee

$70 – our school horse

Monthly Lesson Packages

On your horse + $10 Haul-in fee):

$230 – 4 lessons

$455 – 8 lessons

$675 – 12 lessons

On our school horse:

$270 – 4 lessons

$545 – 8 lessons

$810 – 12 lessons


Starts at $325 per month + $10 for haul-ins

Lease Programs

Lease programs entail a combination of lessons and individual practice rides.  They are subject to specific guidelines to help ensure the safety of our riders and to maintain the training of our carefully schooled horses.  Please call for details.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Call 206-795-6221 or 206-850-2863

2 Responses to Lessons/Training/Leasing

  1. teresa ford says:

    Hi kandis. This is marayas grandma teresa. During the winter do you have a facilitywith a covered arena that you are able to give lessons out of?

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