Farm Schedule

Farm is CLOSED on Wednesday

LESSONS:  Every day except Wednesdays

PONY RIDES: Thursday through Sunday by appointment only

PONY PARTIES: Weekends at 2:00 p.m. by reservation only (other days/times may be considered)

Sorry . . .

We do no travel with our ponies.             We do not offer guided trail rides.

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360-871-4887 is no longer an active number.

We may be contacted by dialing or texting

206-850-2863 / 206-795-6221


We’re updating our files and want to make sure our mailing list is absolutely in line with our clients’ wishes. We only send out several emails per year to inform folks of our family events and camps, so we are changing to a more efficient & cost effective way to keep in contact with interested families.


click on the link below and type “KEEP” in the subject line.

You will still have the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time.


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Roze-El’s Horse of the Month – EPIC

It was a beautiful spring morning as Kandis and I hooked up the horse trailer. We were once again on the lookout for that special horse to add to our school horse lineup. However, the trip would be a bit different this time. For the first time in years, we weren’t alone. We had Kandi’s three-week-old baby girl with us.

IMG_1372.JPGThroughout the years, our travels have taken us many a mile to meet a horse that could potentially become a personal mount, a school horse, or a good partner for a client. Although, these trips have always been enjoyable, the horse has not always been a good match. But on this particular day we were far from disappointed.

As we pulled up to the pasture entrance, there he was, standing at attention in knee-high grass with his beautiful Arab head held high, ears perked, reddish coat glistening in the sun! Whoa! Experience told us…Not  too fast! He has a test or two to pass before we fall in love.

IMG_1201We went over all the usual preliminaries with the owner, and then it was finally time to throw a saddle on that beautiful back and HOPE that he was as ready for us as we were for him. Kandis still had some healing to do after childbirth, so I got to perform the riding test this time. Lots of freedom, lots of green grass, and not too much recent riding exercise was justification for “Woody” being a little “fresh.” I could feel his back begin to hump under my seat and knew that if I gave him any excuse at all, it would be bronco time! Even so, I knew in an instant that he was coming home with us. His gates were smooth as glass, and it was obvious he had been trained well.

That was over 9 years ago. Today we continue to cherish this remarkable guy we call “Epic.” He keeps us  laughing with his comical personality and mischievous ways.

Epic is a willing guy when we ask him to work. He patiently carries students of all ages and skill levels, teaching them some of the finer  points of riding. He is also an expert in serving as a pleasure mount, a show horse, a trusted mount at pony parties & family events, and a camp “pony.” He’s always quite happy to partake in whatever activity we can scheme up.


Perhaps most importantly, Epic became a friend and protector of that three-week-old baby girl who went with us to get him on that special morning. Today, he safely carries her 17-month old sister, as well. Those little girls love their gentle companion and ride him nearly every day.


Contributed by Sherry Wallmark – Mom & Grandma to the beautiful girls in the pictures & Owner of Roze-El Stables, our piece of Heaven on Earth









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Pony rides are a popular activity at Roze-El Stables. Our goal is to provide quality family time and an affordable, healthy and fun farm experience for children. It’s through our unique PONY PUNCHER PAL program that we can do just that. We have lots of little “pals” out there. Please join us!

HOW DOES IT WORK? It’s easy to become a Pony Puncher Pal.  Just take a pony ride! Anytime you ride a pony at Roze-El, whether it’s at a birthday party, family event, or a private ride, you become a Pony Puncher Pal. The punch card you see above is your membership card, and it works just like a coffee card.  To make sure you get started on the right “hoof”, your first card will already have a free punch!  9 rides = 1 FREE RIDE!

Please call for reservation

206-850-2863 – Closed Wednesdays

Four (4) ride time options:

• 15 minutes – $10

• 30 minutes – $15

• 45 minutes – $20

• 1 hour – $25

Above rates include 1 pony/1 rider


“What’s that horse’s name?”….”Oh, look at the goats!” (yes, the kids can visit them after their ride)….”Why is that pony laying down?”….”Do ponies have teeth?”…”Be careful! Don’t let the horsey step on that chicken!”….”Can we ride down that trail?” (of course the answer is YES!) “What was THAT noise?” (Nano donkey brays a lot.)  “Look! I’m so high I can touch the leaves on the tree!” (or in this case, the giant sunflower!) Not quite sure what made him think of this, but one little guy once asked, “What are BRAINS made of?” Such are the fun conversations with the kids as we ride all around our 8 acres.  Moms and dads like to walk along to visit and take pictures.  It’s great family time and a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know your child and you.

We hope to see lots of you and your children throughout the year. Please spread the word!


P.S.:  We have GIFT CERTIFICATES for all of our services.

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