Custom Saddle Fitting

Borne LogoWe are proud and excited to be Washington State’s authorized custom saddle fitters for Borné Saddlery.  Please visit the Borné Saddlery website to see this extraordinary saddle collection and to read the wonderful testimonials.  These saddles are a favorite of professionals and amateurs alike.

Perfect Fit, Exceptional Components, Excellent Customer Service =


In order to have a properly fitting saddle, the tree must mirror the shape of the horse’s back.  Borné offers a wide range of trees for the sole purpose of ensuring both horse and rider potential for maximum performance. 

Borné saddles are manufactured using the finest assortment of leathers derived primarily from Scandinavia, Sweden, and France.  Clients typically prefer the option of premium French Calfskin for luxury and an assortment of buffalo hides for durability.

The trees are beechwood-laminated spring trees which provide greater comfort and flexibility to the horse and rider.  The tree will flex as the horse moves, thereby reducing pressure on the back.

Panel wool is sheared from sheep raised in the Scottish Highlands.  It is rich in moisture and resilient under pressure.  It is milled by one of the finest mills in Scotland, also a supplier of cashmere utilized by the fashion industry for knitwear sold in retail stores around the world.

Selling saddles is only the beginning of the saddle relationship with Borné customers.  As a company, Borné is surrounded by a team of elite professionals including USA-based Master Saddlers and professional Flockers who avail themselves to Borné Saddlery for everything from minor repairs to more complex projects.

Our custom saddle fitting services include a detailed evaluation of your horse’s conformation and a wither tracing that determines the proper tree shape for your horse. Your riding discipline and comfort are taken into account as we work to equip both you and your horse with the perfect saddle for a perfect ride!

Borné saddles are manufactured in Scotland by Andy Sankey.  Andy is a member of the member of The Society of Master Saddlers, UK, Ltd. who holds the title of Certified Master Saddler (Trade).

Karen Borne, President of Borné Saddlery, has studied extensively with The Society of Master Saddlers, UK, and successfully completed the advanced training course in England.

We work closely with Karen to maintain her standards for delivering a quality saddle and excellent customer service, and we look forward to serving our Washington horses and riders. THANK YOU for considering our services and sharing this information.

Schedule your custom saddle fitting appointment today and take a test ride!

 Call or text Kandis at 206-895-6221

2 Responses to Custom Saddle Fitting

  1. Missy Broyhill says:

    Hi ,
    I have a used Borne Levade that needs a new home. It is an 18 inch seat and mw tree. I’d like $1600. Do you take consignments?

    • Thank you for contacting us, Missy. If you can let us know your location, we can direct you to the right person for consignment saddles. It is quicker if you text your name/location to Kandis Horton, 206-795-6221. Thank you.

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