Mini Bronco Pony Party

Roze-El Stables has the best party ever for  your little buckaroos!


at Roze-El Corral

YEE-HAW!  Ya’ll come dressed in yer finest western duds fer the best rootin’ tootin’ celebration ever!

1 hour of ridin’ on 3 of Roze-El’s finest Broncos

A story: “Sparkplug, the Missin’ Mini Bronco”

Pettin’ Zoo

Loot bags

Fancied up cupcakes & a swig of Roze-El Corral’s best Texas Tea


Add a face painter for the ultimate party!

Just Fabulous Creations

$80 for the first hour / $30 each additional half hour (credit cards accepted)

Where could Sparkplug be? Why didn’t he return to the corral after his daily walk in the forest? Roze-El’s ranch hand will lead the kids through the forest in a quest to find the missing mini bronco. They’ll pick up lots of loot along the way and stop to rest at the fairy house – there’ll be music fer some foot stompin’ and bubbles to chase! Maybe the fairies who live there saw Sparkplug and can give a clue on which direction he went! Can the children find him and help him get back home?

 COST: $390  ♦  Maximum 10 Children – Additional $10 per extra child

$50 Non-Refundable Deposit / Major Credit Cards Accepted

To assure the availability of your party date, we recommend that you schedule well in advance. Please schedule at least 7 days prior.

Call or Text 206-850-2863

All parties are held at our facility / 60-pound weight limit on smaller ponies.  No worries! We have larger ponies to offset the weight limit!

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