Pony rides are a popular activity at Roze-El Stables. Our goal is to provide quality family time and an affordable, healthy and fun farm experience for children. It’s through our unique PONY PUNCHER PAL program that we can do just that. We have lots of little “pals” out there. Please join us!

HOW DOES IT WORK? It’s easy to become a Pony Puncher Pal.  Just take a pony ride! Anytime you ride a pony at Roze-El, whether it’s at a birthday party, family event, or a private ride, you become a Pony Puncher Pal. The punch card you see above is your membership card, and it works just like a coffee card.  To make sure you get started on the right “hoof”, your first card will already have a free punch!  9 rides = 1 FREE RIDE!

Please call for reservation

206-850-2863 – Closed Wednesdays

Four (4) ride time options:

• 15 minutes – $10

• 30 minutes – $15

• 45 minutes – $20

• 1 hour – $25

Above rates include 1 pony/1 rider


“What’s that horse’s name?”….”Oh, look at the goats!” (yes, the kids can visit them after their ride)….”Why is that pony laying down?”….”Do ponies have teeth?”…”Be careful! Don’t let the horsey step on that chicken!”….”Can we ride down that trail?” (of course the answer is YES!) “What was THAT noise?” (Nano donkey brays a lot.)  “Look! I’m so high I can touch the leaves on the tree!” (or in this case, the giant sunflower!) Not quite sure what made him think of this, but one little guy once asked, “What are BRAINS made of?” Such are the fun conversations with the kids as we ride all around our 8 acres.  Moms and dads like to walk along to visit and take pictures.  It’s great family time and a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know your child and you.

We hope to see lots of you and your children throughout the year. Please spread the word!


P.S.:  We have GIFT CERTIFICATES for all of our services.

About Roze-El Stables

Roze-El Stables is a family-owned boarding, training and riding facility established in Port Orchard, Washington in July 2004. Sherry Wallmark & Kandis Horton, a mother/daughter team, have over 50 years of horse experience combined to offer horse enthusiasts everything from lessons to pony parties to custom saddle fitting! Teaching dressage is her specialty, but Kandis incorporates her certified Centered Riding® instruction into any seat, enhancing her students' riding no matter what discipline they ride. Roze-El Stables also offers camps, clinics, and famiy events.
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2 Responses to PONY PUNCHER PAL Program

  1. Susan Littleton says:

    I’m wondering if you are puting on the fall pumpkins and pony rides this year?

    • Yikes! You contacted us a long time ago. Sorry I didn’t see this. Anyway, we have one more weekend of Pumpkins ‘n Ponies. Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 29 & 30. Come any time between 1:00 & 4:00. It is helpful if you let us know what day you will be here because attendance is limited each day. Details are under “Family Events” at http://www.rozeelstables.wordpress.com or you can call 206-850-2863 for questions and to register.

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